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A Note from Margie Hatfield

I want to thank Guy Mcbride, Gary Sparano, Chris Burba, Jay Mcelvoy, Sean Lambert and Doran Bradshaw for showing up last Saturday to cover track after the new parts were finished.  It was so needed as the rain moved in big time on Sunday.  Thanks guys for your help support Also, we needed to get track uncovered so sun could hit it this week.  Thanks go out to Chandler Denton, Tyler Smith and Jay Mcelvoy for uncovering so we could possible dry some.  Thanks to all of you We are going to need a lot of these in the next days before the national.  Be try and help us whenever you can.  We need to be a really close Bmx family in the next month to make this the best national ever  thanks so much to all if you.



Camping Information for the Dixieland Nationals

For those of you travelling to the Dixieland Nationals April 25-27, 2014, there will be camping available. The area will be located towards the back of Wild Horse Creek Park in the equestrian area. Please note that there are no hookups available so you must be totally self sufficient.

Riders Clinic by Dominique Daniels

On Saturday, April 19th, Dominique Daniels will be hosting a riders clinic for riders of all ages and proficiencies. The clinic will be held from 10am - 1pm and the cost will be $25.00 per rider. Please call Margie Hatfield to sign up.

Important Concussion Information

A bill approved by the Georgia Legislature called Georgia Return to Play Act which is House Bill 48 was passed. Effective January 1, 2014 all youth athletic programs will be required to educate youth athletes and their parents on the dangers of concussions during athletic events.

Below is a link to download the Acknowledgement form. This form is to be signed and returned to Margie at the next race that you attend. If for some reason you can't download and/or print this form, I believe that we will have copies at the track.

Download Acknowledgement Form
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